Sound Design for Video Games, Film and TV.

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This is a compilation of various projects I’ve worked on as a sfx editor, sound designer and mixer.  I’ve also listed some context below if you would like to check out the individual projects.

Other projects I've worked on

Ready Set Summon – Sound Designer (2020)

I was responsible for asset creation, implementation using FMOD and mixing and QA of the sounds and music all while maintaining source control versions using Github.

The Color Rose (Feature Film) – SFX Editor (2020)

I worked as a sound effects editor on this feature film.  I was responsible for designing all on screen sound effects including doors, gunshots and car sounds through recording assets and libraries.  The film isn’t in theaters yet but check out the trailer here.

Producer / Audio Editor (2015 – Current)

I’ve been working in the dialog/podcasting world for around the last 5 years and have branched out into video editing for some of my clients. I’ve worked for clients such as Bulletproof Coffee, Bioptimizers Awesome Health Podcast and Ask Julie Ryan.

24hr Competition – Sound Designer

This what a school project in which we were given a limited amount of sound assets for which we had to design this car crash scene in a 24hr period.

Follow the Way – Mixer / Composer

I was responsible for the mixing of sfx, dialogue and music for a digital design student at Vancouver Film School for their final project.

Score Space Game Jam 2020 / Sound Designer

This was my fourth game jam in which I contributed to a number of projects as a sfx editor and composer. The link is to a project I helped create for the Score Space game jam.

Holey Ship (Game) – SFX Editor / Composer (2019 – 2020)

Holey Ship was a game I was involved in while attending Vancouver Film School.  I was responsible for music, music implementation using Wwise and UI assets.

Podcasts and VO (Non-Visual Media)

About Me Q&A

Who am I?

I’m an audio nerd, sound designer, musician and former IT professional.

Why did I choose sound as a career?

Because I deeply believe audio is an essential part of the process in creating a vision whether it be in games, film or tv. Also, did I mention I’m an audio nerd?

You were an IT Pro?

That’s right. I worked in the Information Technology field as a Senior Systems Administrator for many years working in Web, SAAS, and the game industry. I understand technology.

Where are you located?

In beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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